What are the advantages of plaque mounting?

  • It's a low cost alternative to framing
  • It's a clean, contemporary look
  • Because no mats are needed, large pieces do not have to get any larger
  • The laminate surface is easy to wipe clean
  • Plaque mounting can be framed without glass if you want to change the look of your piece in the future
  • No glass to break

What can be plaque mounted?

Sports memorabilia looks great plaque mounted!

  • Posters, prints and photos
  • Artwork including drawings, charcoals, pastels, watercolors, oils, acrylics, collage, pen & ink, colored pencil, crayon, tempera and more
  • Awards, certificates, diplomas and the like
  • Newspaper articles and pictures as well as images and articles from magazines, books, comic books, etc.
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Children's artwork
  • Sale flyers and store promotions, price lists and signage
  • Menus and specials
  • Letters, invitations, poetry, sayings
  • Puzzles
  • and much more
Plaque mounting fine art by Rick Blaine

What shouldn't be plaque mounted?

Plaque mount of a high quality print of fine art by Gianna Daminco

Plaque mounting is done with heat and pressure.  Although the greatest care is taken with all items being mounted there is always a chance that damage can occur. 

  • Irreplaceable and items of great value should be framed rather than plaqued. 
  • There are some digital printing processes that do not react well to heat.  It is important to let us know how your item was printed. 
  • Pieces on paper that have been wrinkled, creased or torn sometimes will flatten out and plak beautifully, but will also sometimes wrinkle or crease
  • Items that have been made with layers of paper that have been glued or pasted together (especially children's artwork) will often "show" the layers or glue lines after plaque mounting.
  • Tickets to sports or theatre events may be printed on thermal sensitive card stock to avoid copying - these will turn black from the heat if plaque mounted -we recommend that you allow us to reproduce the tickets photographically so as not to damage the originals
  • Items like college diplomas that can not be replaced should be reproduced before plaque mounting and the original kept in a safe place


Through our partners, we offer replica printing. We will be happy to discuss any item you may be concerned about and offer our advice on the safest ways to proceed!

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